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Network and Communications Services

Advanced Networking

Private Cloud / Virtual Data Centers

Two Major Features:

  • Move services running in virtual data centers to any physical location non-disruptively.
  • Provide resources to services from different physical locations.

Three Major Components:

  • Unified Networking: Combine traditional TCP/IP, storage and voice protocols using common transmission mechanisms over local, metro and wide area networks.
  • Virtual Servers: Provide virtual compute resources.
  • Virtual Storage: Provide virtual disk resources.

Chicago Metropolitan Area Network (ChiMAN)

ChiMAN is a collaborative project between Arginne National Laboratory (ANL), ESnet and Fermilab (FNAL), jointly operated by Argonne and Fermilab. ANL/FNAL provide ESnet with 10 gigabit Layer 2 channels; ESnet provides ANL and FNAL Layer 3 and enhanced Layer 2 services.

CMS Tier-1 Networking

High Energy Physics is the “worldwide data deluge” science. As a major center in the US in support of high energy physics data processing and analysis Fermilab has long engaged in network research and development in support of its mission.

As the CMS Large Hadron Collider collaboration’s Tier-1 home in the United States, Fermilab is responsible for robustly moving terabytes of data daily across the Wide Area Networks (WAN) ingesting data from CERN for archiving and processing, redistribution to the Tier-2s and Tier-3s within the US, and serving any CMS university or lab site worldwide.


Network Research

Not only does Fermilab supply state of the art and R&D network infrastructure and components, there are also specific projects whose work helps us meet our scientists needs for the future:


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